Saldus Graikiškas baltas likerinis vynas iš Patras regiono.

Light golden colour with green hues with honey and lemon scents composing a highly aromatic bouquet. Its lively acidity level binds the flavours and boosts the basic flavour and structure of this great sweet wine. The finish is long with a prevailing taste of honey.

Muscat of Patras can be an ideal aperitif accompanied by roasted almonds, dried apricots, glazed fruit and also a dessert wine combined with fruit, pastries, orange cream, ice cream and sorbet. It perfectly complements strong cheeses.

Klasė: PDO | Alkoholio kiekis: 15%


Sausas Graikiškas vynas iš Peloponeso regiono.

White-yellowish wine with green-grey hues. Stands out for its freshness, its light aromas that bring rose petals and citrus fruits to the nose, and its light body.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 12%

27.00 - 70.00

Vienas mėgstamiausių mūsų klientų ir Graikijos lankytojų vynas pasižymintis sausu ir lengvu skoniu – tinkančiu prie daugelio patiekalų, bei tiesiog mėgautis juo vienu.

The well-known Demestica white wine is dry and fruity in taste. For many lovers of Greek wines and for many Hellas visitors, the white Demestica is definitely the „entry-level wine”. Demestica is an uncomplicated and well-tolerated country wine from Patras. It has a flowery bouquet with nuances of fruit, the finish is soft and unobtrusive. Achaia Clauss has been characterized by tradition and quality for many decades. The winery from the Peloponnese is one of the oldest Greek wine producers and the Demestica wine has made Ktima Achaia Clauss known nationwide.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 11%

27.00 - 70.00

Graikiškas pusiau-saldus baltas vynas.

The Imiglykos white wine from Achaia Clauss has a balanced and fruity aroma with a soft, unobtrusive finish that wins a place in your heart with its fine balance and flavorful presence. Imiglykos lovers will not be disappointed since, unlike single varietal Imiglykos wines, this vinified cuvee is prepared to ensure quality and continuity.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 10.5%

24.00 - 62.00

Viena žinomiausių Graikiško vyno rūšių – Retsina. Tai puikus ir įdomus vynas, be kurio negali apsieiti ne vieno tikro graiko namai! Šis vynas – tai tradicija ir ilga tautos istorija supilstyta į vyno butelius ir padalyta po pasaulį! Jei niekada nesate ragavę Retsinos, tikrai rekomenduojame išbandyti!

A finely rounded, dry white wine slightly refined with the note of pine resin. A delicate wine with a fine, fruity taste and rich aroma of citrus fruits.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 11%