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Savatiano Yellow

Savatiano Yellow

Category: Natural wine, PGI Attiki, without the addition of sulfites from biological grapes.
60-year-old vineyard with a yield of 300 kg / acre.

Winemaking: Τhe harvest in mid-September gives overripe grapes with special flavors. The fermentation is done without the addition of sulphites, with native yeasts. Αlso, carefully hand selected and frozen rams are added in the tank, enhancing the flavor and aroma of the wine. The fermentation is completed in barrels (50% oak and 50% acacia).

At the end of the fermentation, no sulfites is added until bottling.

Organoleptic characteristics: The aromatic and taste complexity of this wine is unique: Rich and complex aromas of tropical and spring fruits, citrus peel with sweet notes of spice, with intensity and duration.

In the mouth the taste complexity verifies its aromatic composition. Sweet aftertaste and greasiness gives the feeling of a completed wine. Maturation gives new aromatic and delicious notes.

Despite the complete absence of sulphites, it appears to mature very well in the bottle.

Accompanies special dishes that many wines cannot be combined with, such as stuffed baked tomatoes, legumes, boiled meat and soups. It can also be combined with cheese with special flavors, such as blue cheese.

Enjoy at 10-12 ℃.

Sugar Content: Dry
Wine Type: Natural production, White
Variety: Savatiano
Alcohol (%): 13.9
Volume: 750ml
Winery: Nikolou

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