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Liepouris Ancient Hills

Liepouris Ancient Hills

Category: Dry Red Wine PGI Peloponnese.

Location: Atiki, Municipality of Keratea. Elevation: 250m above sea level.

Winemaking: The grapes are collected at the right time by hand and placed in small crates. We crush them using a crusher-stemmer we start the alcoholic fermentation for 18-20 days into the vinificator with controlled fermentation at 20° C.

The fermentation process involves the skins, seeds, and juice together, which results in a deeper color and fuller body. After fermentation, the separation process is easier as the solids sink to the bottom of the tank. This method is known as maceration and is responsible for the tannins and complexity found in many red wines. Then we put the must in the pressure machine and finally in the oak barrels for 6 months.

Organoleptic characteristics: Intense ruby gemstone colored! You can taste fruity bouquets of raspberry, cherry, vanilla, and spices, with a touch of dark chocolate.

Accompanies red meat, game meat and ripe, rich cheese.
Enjoy at 16-18 ℃.

Cukraus kiekis: Dry
Tipas: Red
Vynuogė: Mandilaria
Alkoholio kiekis (%): 13
Tūris: 750ml
Vyndarys: Liepouris


Prašome atkreipti dėmesį, kad, dėl Alkoholio prekybos apribojimų, prekes galite gauti iki 20:00 (ir 15:00 Sekmadieniais). Užsakant kitam laikui, prekės bus paruoštos artimiausiai dienai.

Atsiimant prekes kurjeriui privaloma pateikti galiojantį Jūsų asmens dokumentą.

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