Saldus Graikiškas raudonas likerinis vynas iš Patras regiono.

Dark amber colour with brown hues and an aromatic intensity of a sweet fruit bouquet with distinct presence of figs. The main feature of this unique wine is the complexity of its aromas and flavours. Its discreet acidity helps unleash a rich aroma of caramelised fruits, like dried figs. Its long-lasting aromatic aftertaste confirms how unique this wine is.

Mavrodaphne wine is ideal as an aperitif, with nuts, dried fruit, but also as a dessert wine, excellently accompanying fruit, yellow cheese, ice creams, creams, pastries and even chocolate. Highly flexible, it can even be enjoyed with crushed ice, ranking it among the most refreshing summer drinks.

Klasė: PDO | Alkoholio kiekis: 15%

Sausas Graikiškas vynas iš Peloponeso regiono.

Deep rich red colour with purple hues. An elegant and delicate aroma of black fruit, combined with an extremely rich and well balanced fruity taste with fine acidity and soft tannins. This beautifully structured wine leaves a long fruity finish in the end.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 13,5%

Restorano klasika tapęs – sausas Graikiškas Demestica vynas! Būtina paragauti!

The Demestica red wine from Achaia Clauss has been pressed for decades in consistently good quality and is one of the most famous wines from Greece. Always balanced and fruity. The finish is unobtrusive and soft. The Demestica is an honest and uncomplicated country wine with a long tradition. For many visitors to Greece, wines from Achaia Clauss, in addition to open country wines, were their first contact with Greek wines.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 12%

Graikiškas pusiau-saldus baltas vynas.

Imiglykos red wine, pressed by the traditional company Achaia Clauss: A well balanced wine with a fruity note. Imiglykos lovers will not be disappointed since, unlike single varietal Imiglykos wines, this vinified cuvee is prepared to ensure quality and continuity.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 11%