About us

About Us

Restaurant "Spyros Metaxas by TALK & Drink" is located on one of the most beautiful streets of Vilnius Old Town. A visit to our island of Greek cuisine can be a great start or finale to your walk around the city.

Our company has been successfully operating in Lithuania for more than two decades. We are sincerely happy to offer you a visit to our restaurant, taste exclusive Greek cuisine and refresh yourself with new and classic cocktails created by our bartenders.

Try new tastes of life with hooks prepared by our masters!

If you adore the sun, southern food and wonderful wine, we invite you to visit Spyros Metaxas by TALK & Drink restaurant!


Spyros Metaxas by TALK & Drink is a restaurant serving modern Greek cuisine. Greek culture is the starting point for our whole business philosophy and food orientation.

The principle of creating the restaurant menu is based on 3 tones of Greek cuisine:

The old family kitchen was collected from all over Greece;
Modern Greek cuisine;
Today's kitchen (fusion).

So our restaurant is dominated by 3 main chords of Greek cuisine: folklore, popular cuisine and the fusion of multicultural tradition - fusion. These three tones allow you to feel the breath of a real sunny Greek oasis in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town. 


In our restaurant you will also find a newly established hookah, which uses only top-class tobacco and German water pipes created according to new technology.


We have been providing event and conference services for more than 15 years. We can plan everything for you: from flowers at weddings, musicians and DJ parties, to dancers and singers at company parties. We provide these services not only in our premises, but also in your desired location. 


2002 In the summer of 2006, the restaurant "Liūtų Vartai" was established in Vilnius, providing a unique opportunity for every Lithuanian to immerse themselves in the pleasures of Greek culture. Once upon a time, in the enigmatic times of antiquity, the Gate of Lions greeted every traveler to Greece in its grandeur. The Gate of Lions was the main entrance to the Kingdom of Mykonos, the famous cultural center of ancient Greece, which existed on the Peloponnese peninsula in the 3rd century. pr. Kr. The Gate of Lions is also closely linked to the beautiful Helen and Mycenaean hero Agamemnon, who brought Greece victory in the Trojan War.

2004 In the spring of 2006, the restaurant Spyros Metaxas opened its doors, welcoming all guests of Vilnius Old Town. The restaurant is named after the creator of the famous Greek drink - METAXA, Greek warrior Spyros Metaxas.

2007 In the autumn, we implemented the Raffel's project, inspired by cultural diversity. The letters of Raffel's name, translated from English, mean "rich authenticity." Raffel's project combined both exclusive dishes and drinks from different regions, as well as an authentic evening program and acquaintance with the culture of different countries. Raffel's is currently operating successfully in Western Europe.

2014 the idea of Spyros Metaxas Talk and drink was born. In pursuit of as much functionality as possible, in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town, Pilies str. On the 5th floor, we opened the doors of Spyros Metaxas Talk and drink. Delicate, elegant and modern interior, cozy atmosphere is ideal for festive parties, weddings, personal celebrations, meetings of friends or just a sumptuous dinner. But that's not all - in addition to all this, we offer you conference rooms for seminars, business meetings or trainings.