Pusiau sausas Graikiškas vynas iš Peloponeso regiono.

Stands out for its orange colour with violet hues and the dominant scents of currants, raspberries and sour cherries. Fruity and rich palette, with a long aftertaste.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 12,5%

Graikiškas pusiau-saldus rožinis vynas.

Imiglykos rose wine, pressed by the traditional company Achaia Clauss: A well balanced wine with light fruity notes and a slight acidity. Imiglykos lovers will not be disappointed since, unlike single varietal Imiglykos wines, this vinified cuvee is prepared to ensure quality and continuity.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 11%