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Išpjovos Kepsnys

Barbecue and pork steak - a relationship to test time. Season your evening with wonderful pork and veal steaks prepared with special herbs and sauce. Serve with our branded spicy cherry sauce and your chosen toppings. In the package - meat and sauce. Cooking instructions - Bake avoiding direct fire, preferably on smoldering embers. Our chef recommends esant

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Souvlaki is a traditional Greek meat necklace baked on a campfire or grilled. Meat marinated on a spit, marinated in our traditional herbs, is perfect for moving your home, garden or camp to exotic Greece on a sunny day. One unit contains 1 skewer of meat (100g). Cooking instructions: cook avoiding direct fire, preferably on embers, not on another…

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Viščiukas Graikiškai

Our and your favorite S. Metaxa chicken is coming to your house. Marinated chicken and potatoes in the package. Cooking instructions: Place the unpacked chicken and potatoes in a preheated oven on a flat tray (be sure not to forget all the liquid in the package) and bake at 180 ℃ for 20 minutes.

Jautienos „tomahawk“ kepsnys

The classic of the grill is a perfectly soft steak "Tomahawk" style. Cooking Instructions - Bake on high heat to your desired level of preparation. Don't forget "beef loves heat." Our chefs recommend letting the steak “rest on the plate before serving - this will make the steak juicier!