Adoli Ghis Antonopoulos

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The Adoli Ghis white wine from Antonopoulos has a yellow-green color and is characterized by its aromas of melon, peach and lemon. This refreshing and fruity wine has a thirst-quenching acidity and an exciting mineral finish. Asproudes and Lagorthi are Greek autochthonous grape varieties. On one hand the Asproudes grape is mainly grown in the Mantinia appellation and is often used as a cuvée partner with the Moschofilero grape. It has a medium aromatic intensity of apples and lime and is often used to give the wine more body and weight. On the other hand, the Lagorthi grape variety was first rediscovered by Konstantin Antonopoulos in the 80s, and has a medium alcohol content and impresses with its intense mineral acidity. Aromas of peaches and melons can be found in the bouquet.

Klasė: PGI | Alkoholio kiekis: 12%


Prieinamumas: Turime


Lagorthi, Asproudes, Chardonnay

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White Wine

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